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Sonny with a Chance is a Disney Channel original comedy series created by Steve Marmel which follows the experiences of teenager Sonny Munroe, who becomes the new cast member of a live comedy show, So Random!. The series debuted on February 8, 2009 in the US. It was announced in June 2009 that the show has been picked up for a second season which began filming in November 2009. This is the first Disney Channel Original Series to be shot and aired in high-definition from the beginning; but like most of Disney Channel's sitcoms, it is shot on tape, but utilizes a 'filmized' appearance.[2]

* 1 Production
* 2 Characters
* 3 Shows within the show
o 3.1 So Random!
o 3.2 Mackenzie Falls
* 4 Condor Studios productions
* 5 Guest stars
* 6 Episodes
* 7 Theme song and opening sequence
* 8 Reception
o 8.1 Viewership
* 9 DVD releases
* 10 Awards
* 11 International release
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[edit] Production

The original name for the main character was Molly Munroe, and the show was originally named Welcome to Mollywood. Then they changed her name to Hollie and the show would be called Welcome to Holliewood. The main character's name was later changed to Sonny Munroe, and the show's title was changed to Sonny with a Chance.

Sonny With a Chance has a show-within-a-show, So Random!, complete with fully-produced comedy sketches. Sonny With a Chance's executive producer Brian Robbins previously wrote for and served as an executive producer on the real-life kids sketch comedy series All That for Nickelodeon.

Gary Marsh, president of entertainment, Disney Channel Worldwide, stated "This series is rooted in one of the core thematic attributes that we stand for, which is following your dream, there also was the opportunity to do a hybrid show."[3] The show began production on September 15, 2008 and the first season was taped at Stage 11 at NBC Studios in Burbank, California, which was the studio where the NBC medical drama, ER was previously filmed.[3]
[edit] Characters
Main article: List of characters in Sonny With a Chance
From left: Tawni Hart (Thornton), Grady Mitchell (Brochu), Sonny Munroe (Lovato), Chad Dylan Cooper (Knight), Zora Lancaster (Arm), and Nico Harris (Smith).

* Demi Lovato as Alison[4] "Sonny" Munroe - A friendly, sweet teen from Wisconsin who landed a role in So Random! and excitedly went to star in the show.
* Tiffany Thornton as Tawni Hart - A teen cast member of So Random!, who is jealous of Sonny.
* Sterling Knight as Chad Dylan Cooper (born Chad Dylan Goldfarb) - A teen hearthrob on Mackenzie Falls who is a rival of So Random!.
* Brandon Mychal Smith as Nico Harris - A teen cast member of So Random! who is best friends with Grady. A running gag through out the series is Nico jumping into Grady's arms when he gets scared.
* Doug Brochu as Grady Mitchell - A teen cast member of So Random! who is best friends with Nico.
* Allisyn Ashley Arm as Zora Lancaster - An 11-year-old weird cast member of So Random!. She is the youngest and smartest of the cast.

[edit] Shows within the show
[edit] So Random!

So Random! is the fictional TV sketch comedy show featured within Disney's Sonny With a Chance. This is similar to other kids' sketch television series such as All That and The Amanda Show or a child-oriented version of Saturday Night Live and MadTV in which cast members perform scripted comedy sketches. The fact that the sketches are often short makes it a quickfire sketch show, like the Australian shows Comedy Inc. or Fast Forward. So Random! sketches featured in episodes of Sonny With a Chance often focus on absurd situations. Nico, Grady, Zora, Tawni, and Sonny, the five regular stars of So Random!, both perform and help to write and edit the show's skits. It should be noted that they might replace cast members once and a while.

Disney Channel has created a web site that reflects websites for other Disney shows. One of the sketches was based on a movie. 'The Wicked Witch of the Web' was a parody of The Wizard Of Oz.
[edit] Mackenzie Falls

Mackenzie Falls is a fictional popular prime time soap opera aimed at tweens starring Chad Dylan Cooper. The only other known cast members are Portlyn. James Conroy once guest stared on Mackenzie Falls.[5] The show films on a soundstage adjacent to So Random![6] The Guardian describes Mackenzie Falls as "basically every adolescent soap from Dawson's Creek to Gossip Girl shoved into a blender".[7] Mackenzie Falls far-fetched and confusing plots parody those of teen dramas and prompt Tawni to ask Chad, "What is your show even about?"[8] Although a Mackenzie Falls episode has never been aired during Sonny With a Chance, the Mackenzie Falls season finale cliffhanger short is included as a bonus feature on the Season 1 DVD.

A longstanding rivalry exists between the cast of Mackenzie Falls and that of So Random!. The cast of Mackenzie Falls often criticizes the cast of So Random! for being on a comedy show, claiming that they're not real actors. Mackenzie Falls cast members all exhibit snobbish behavior and are afraid that So Random! will become more popular than Mackenzie Falls. Chad Dylan Cooper is the ring leader of the cast, and the other cast members follow his cues without question. The upscale Mackenzie Falls studio includes a chocolate fountain, gourmet snacks, massage room, and a meditation room for its actors. The studio cook enjoys Mackenzie Falls more than So Random! and therefore expresses favoritism for the former cast, demonstrated when she fed the Mackenzie Falls cast dishes such as steak and lobster and the So Random! cast dog food. Mackenzie Falls and So Random! got closer when Sonny joined the cast of So Random!, mainly because of Sonny and Chad's on again/off again sometimes more-than-friendship. Sometimes it shows that they're acting romantic after fighting.

Disney has created a web site that reflects websites for other Disney shows. Characters listed along with Chad Dylan Cooper in Mackenzie Falls are Devon, who is always jealous of his half-brother, Mackenzie; Penelope, the former love interest; Chloe, the new girl who is not as rich as the others (her father is worth only $10 million dollars) and therefore she is hated by Penelope, yet wants to be with Mackenzie, and Mackenzie's best friend, Trevor. Confirmed as a future guest star is upcoming rapper Sid Hyet, who will play himself in the fictional show. The school they go to is called Westwick Prep School.
[edit] Condor Studios productions

* Mackenzie Falls
* So Random!
* Meal or No Meal
* Tween Gladiator
* Hoosier Girl
* Millinomia

Chad and Sonny should date one day.
[edit] Guest stars

* Selena Gomez as herself.
* Jeff Dunham and his dummy Walter as Officer Dilman (Jeff) and Officer Rothband (Walter) ("Hart to Hart")
* Kelly Blatz as James Conroy ("Sonny with a Chance of Dating")
* Eric Toms as Gilroy Smith ("Sonny: So Far")

[edit] Episodes
Main article: List of Sonny With a Chance episodes
Seasons Episodes First Air Date Last Air Date
1 21 February 8, 2009 November 22, 2009
[edit] Theme song and opening sequence

The show's theme song "So Far, So Great", was written by Jeanne Lurie, Chen Neenan and Aris Archontis, who have each written songs for several artists on Disney-owned Hollywood Records, and it is performed by series star Demi Lovato. The theme is of pop-rock style (the music cues composed by Scott Clausen and Christopher Lee, signaling scene changes and commercial breaks are styled similarly).

A full-length version of this theme was released via the Radio Disney network on March 31, 2009, less than two months after the show's U.S. premiere. The theme song is also featured as a track on the Disney compilation album, Disney Channel Playlist, released by Walt Disney Records on June 9, 2009. It is also available as a track on Demi Lovato's sophomore album Here We Go Again, released by Hollywood Records on July 21, 2009.

The opening sequence (which slides in from the bottom of the screen at the end of the teaser scene) begins with a shot of a ringing telephone, which Sonny picks up. After presumably getting the call from Hollywood to appear on So Random!, she screams into phone, drops the phone and quickly packs a suitcase. The background suddenly changes from Sonny's bedroom to an airplane headed to California. It continues by showing Sonny in L.A., then showing shots of the other characters (Tawni, who does a quick shine of a star with her picture on it; Chad looking out the window in the back of a limousine; Grady and Nico messing around; and Zora, atop of a mechanical monster machine she is controlling). The sequence ends with the entire cast walking together then stopping and posing, which then switches to Sonny standing next to the show's title logo (which she knocks into place, timed exactly at the "yow!" at the end of the theme), in a manner similar to the end of the That's So Raven opening titles.
[edit] Reception
[edit] Viewership
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Sonny with a Chance premiered on Disney Channel on February 8, 2009 with two back-to-back episodes, the first episode drew a total of 4.1 million viewers, the second earned 4 million viewers, earning a spot in A.C. Nielsen Media Research's top 15 cable TV shows.[9]
[edit] DVD releases
Title Release date Episodes
Sonny With a Chance: Sonny's Big Break August 25, 2009 (USA) Sketchy Beginnings, West Coast Story, Sonny At The Falls, Cheater Girls, Sonny In The Middle
Bonus features include a never before seen episode "Sonny in the Middle" (variation of Malcolm in the Middle and with the episode's own theme song, "The Demi Lovato of Me" by the Sonny with a Chance cast)", a Mackenzie Falls season finale short and Demi Lovato's audition tape in 2007 for Sonny With a Chance.
[edit] Awards
Year Award Category By Result
2009 Teen Choice Awards ""Choice TV - Breakout Star Female" Demi Lovato Won[10]
Nickelodeon Australian Kids' Choice Awards 2009 "Fave Comedy Show" Sonny With a Chance Nominated
[edit] International release
Country / Region Channel Series Premiere Title
United States Disney Channel February 8, 2009 Sonny With a Chance
Canada Family Channel March 16, 2009[11]
Netherlands Disney Channel Benlux January 2010
United Kingdom Disney Channel (UK and Ireland) February 8, 2009
Australia Disney Channel Australia
New Zealand
South Africa Disney Channel South Africa
Greece Disney Channel Greece November 7, 2009
India Disney Channel India May 22, 2009
Hong Kong Disney Channel Asia October 17, 2009
Germany Disney Channel Germany May 29, 2009 Sonny Munroe
Super RTL November 8, 2009 (Advance)
Portugal Disney Channel Portugal June 20, 2009 (Advance)
June 27, 2009 (Premiere) Sunny entre Estrelas
Brazil Disney Channel Latin America May 24, 2009 (Advance)
May 29, 2009 (Premiere)
ArgentinaMexico Latin America Sunny entre Estrellas
Spain Disney Channel Spain June 20, 2009
Finland Scandinavia Disney Channel Scandinavia August 21, 2009 Sunny With a Chance (all)
Sonnys chans (Sweden)
France Disney Channel France May 13, 2009 Sonny
NRJ 12
Italy Disney Channel Italy June 18, 2009 Sonny tra le Stelle
Japan Disney Channel Japan サニーwithチャンス
Poland Disney Channel Poland September 5, 2009 Słoneczna Sonny
Romania Disney Channel Romania December 5, 2009 Sonny şi steluţa ei norocoasă
Turkey Disney Channel Turkey ??? Sonny'nin Yıldızı
Bulgaria Disney Channel Bulgaria December, 2009 Съни на алеята на славата
[edit] References

* Michael Schneider (2008-05-20). "'Mollywood' welcomed to Disney - Demi Lovato to star in live-action series". Variety. Retrieved 2008-05-21.

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[edit] External links

* Official website
* Sonny With a Chance at the Internet Movie Database
* Sonny With a Chance at
* DVD Review and production history

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